Weather Conditions & Trail Reports

Weather in the Catskill Mountains is varied. It varies significantly from the low-lying, surrounding area like the Hudson Valley and the Capital Region. It also varies quite substantially based on elevation within the mountains. Some of the current, and localized weather forecasts can be accessed by clicking on the links below. In addition, a general summary of the year-round weather in the Catskills is provided.

Weather forecast for:

Woodstock, Ulster County
Hunter, Greene County
Delhi, Delaware County
Roscoe, Sullivan County

Trail Conditions:
Because trail conditions depend so much on the weather, it is useful to get an idea of what the trails may be like before heading out. In the future we hope to have Catskill Mountain-specific reports, however in the meantime we encourage you to use the "Views from the Top" web site. Here you will need to determine which trail reports are relevant to the Catskills and which ones are reports from other parts of the state. We encourage you to submit your own reports at that web site. The more reports for the Catskills, the more prepared we will all be!

Ice Conditions:
This Northeast Ice (NEice) web site is a good reference to use if you would like information on the ice-climbing conditions here in the Catskill Mountains.

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