CMC Outing & Event Images

Canoeing the Cannonsville Reservoir in October

Lark in the Park on the Cannonsville!

A great time on the Cannonsville

Recreational boating on the Cannonsville in August

The view from Hunter Mtn - October 2010

Hunter Mtn cabin from the fire tower during the Lark in the Park

Canoeing the Susquehanna River

Canoeing the Susquehanna River

Vernooy Kill Falls hike

The group during the hike to Vernooy Kill Falls

Hangin' out after a hike

Hangin' out during a hike

CMC hike to Echo Lake

An October view from Dry Brook Ridge

Frick Pond hike sponsored by Morgan Outdoors

On the way to Frick Pond

On the way to Vernooy Kill Falls

CMC hike to Hodge Pond

Group at Phoenicia Overlook

Panther Mtn & Phoenicia from the overlook

Hiking companions on Tremper Mtn

Abandonded quarry on Tremper Mtn

Slide, Cornell, & Wittenberg Mtns from Tremper

Good-spirited hikers at a lean-to

Documentation of a 3500 Club canister as part of the CMC Scavenger Hunt

Documentation of a beaver meadow as part of the CMC Scavenger Hunt

Documentation of a trail junction as part of the CMC Scavenger Hunt

9th Annual Catskill "Lark in the Park" - September 29 - October 8, 2012

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